A wife, A daughter, A gift giver (biiznillah). Gift for ppl who are looking for

  • Weight management
  • TURUN atau NAIK berat
  • Skin complexion
  • Energy
  • Earning extra income

Contact details:

Nurliyana Mohd Saiful

Herbalife Independent Distributor



One thought on “About

  1. fatin elyani says:

    slm,k.yana,fatin dwline joe ni,nk tnye mcm mane ek ore nk bhgkan mse untk bt hblife scra part time dlu?sbb a.joe bg nsht,dy kta jd supervsor dlu bru bhnti keje,tp ftin xda bjet ag.n own result pm xgmpak sngat ag.bru trun 10kg..n fatin keje 7am to 7pm,method mcm mane ea ftin leh gne untk part time..k,tq

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